campcomic.com is LIVE!!

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Finished up that Attack on Khoo doodle, as per Nick’s demands! 

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THE LAST HALLOWEEN IS COMING. The first update will be available to you common folk on Wednesday, October 9th. So to celebrate I will be posting sketches and stuff and you will be super excited right?


I tested it out on the Kickstarter backers and the response was overwhelmingly positive and excited and great. I can’t wait to share all my secrets with you and tell fun stories and draw spoopy monsters

The poofy haired girl is Mona, the spooky blank-stare guy is Robert and the moody one down there is Shirley

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PAX PRIME 2013 The Strip Search Reunion Superpanel (by MrMiddle2000)

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It’s Katie’s birthday so I did some fanart for her comic “Camp Weedonwantcha”! I also did it because I wanted a good reason to draw Weedonwantcha stuff! :D

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After yesterday’s ridiculousness, I woke up feeling like I needed to draw. So here’s one of the main characters from my upcoming webcomic, Load. Because of the nature of the comic, I won’t be able to render my characters in this way, but it’s always fun for me to play with different styles. Plus, I couldn’t stand having my last post be the top thing in this blog…. 

Though I have a ton of stuff written and planned for her, she’s still nameless, because I’m a bad person and terrible at naming characters. :O 

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I always complain that I never have enough time to mess with fan art, so tonight I made sure to set aside some time to do something. 

One of the projects from the Strip Search kids that I’m most looking forward to is Amy’s Clique Refresh, a story centered around four friends who maintain an internet friendship while playing a game called Ether Ruin together. With all the negativity that tends to surround online gaming and other digital interactions, one thing we tend to forget is the endless stories of lasting, meaningful, friendships that were made across the internet. Relationships that would have otherwise been impossible due to distance are now much more common. And it’s become easier than ever to call out to the entire world and find people that share your interests. We truly live in an amazing time, and few people understand its importance better than my pal, Amy. 

I drew Lia because it’s my nature when playing MMOs to build a tanky character. I love holding the attention of the mob, and I love being the only thing standing between my friends and certain death.

Obviously, I don’t know the details about the game Amy is crafting or much about Lia for that matter, but seeing how she has such a tiny shield, I’d love to think that she has to be agile and precise to block any incoming attack.

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